Main Illustration portfolio

As an illustrator I work in a number of specialised areas. Sports illustration, comics art, design memes as well as a variety of ares for clients that have included medical illustration, technical illustration and comics art and illustrations for magazines and newspapers. Below is my main illustration portfolio, displaying a small selection from each of my specialised portfolios. You will find the specialised portfolios further down the page.

Specialised illustration portfolios

I find working in different styles the only way for me to be creatively satisfied as an illustrator . I move around between minimalist line work, colour based expressionist grunge, comics art and memes. My subject matters also change, although they generally rotate between the same subjects. Food, humour, sport(football), people and design (products, packaging). Which is about 98% of my DNA. A graphic designer, the son of a chef who loves football, laughing and people.

There are specialised portfolios below.


Illustrator for business and publishing

Technical, medical, magazine, icons and cartoon illustration

I have worked in many diverse areas as an illustrator. Working for University Hospital Copenhagen (Rigshospitalet) as a medical illustrator and animator to a technical illustrator for Velux Windows in their Danish head office.

I have had my work published in a number of magazines and newspapers in both the UK and Denmark. Amongst others I’ve worked for The Press and Journal, When Saturday Comes, The Copenhagen Post, Tips Bladet, Aberdeen F.C. and F.C Copenhagen.

I have a dedicated cartoon illustration website at and have a football website on Aberdeen F.C. called The Dandy Dons.

Iain Cameron

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