Noel Gallagher’s got a new product out

Noel Gallagher's hair

Dear old Noel Gallagher (we’re the same age!) where did it all go wrong? Or how did it all go right back in the day? Whereby the stars aligned and a mix between the rawness of The Sex Pistols, with a bit of a Beatles sound, together with Liam being Liam, combined to make Oasis sensational for a little over an album…

Still Noel’s interviews are always entertaining.

There’s a brilliantly savage article on Noel from Luke Haines on The Talk house here.




Illustrations for Danish sports newspaper Tips Bladet

Luis Figo caricatureZidane caricature

I had the privilege of working for the Danish sports and betting newspaper Tips Bladet a few years back. Most of my work was topical football cartoons of the time, which will no longer make any sense. Above are caricatures of Luis Figo while at Real Madrid, and Zinedine Zidane while at Juventus.

Tips Bladet were the main sports newspaper of Denmark and were a print newspaper. They are now only online.

Football has always been a big part of my illustration work.

The sad death of Marius the giraffe from Copenhagen Zoo

Marius the giraffe cartoon

A sad day for Marius the giraffe, but a good day for dark edged content providers

There is no such thing as bad publicity, as the saying goes. Judging by my Facebook News feed lots of my Danish friends have been to Copenhagen Zoo in the last few days with their kids. (At the time of writing it is three days since Marius the giraffe was put down). And while I don’t think for a second the zoo were involved in a publicity stunt, the negative reaction doesn’t seem to be affecting the zoo, in fact possibly the publicity is having a positive effect. Minus the death threats for those involved obviously…

Black humour content creation

So in terms of content creation, some stories are particularly good for black humour. So, first of all I did not kill the giraffe. Secondly, I am sorry Marius the giraffe is dead, and thirdly, this video here from the UK’s Channel Four news goes along way to show Copenhagen Zoo’s point of view, and how poor Channel Four news is judging by this interview. (I live in Copenhagen)

So I had a little fun. Apologies to the companies involved. Please get in touch if you want this content removed. And thanks to my friend Brian Erritsø Olsen for allowing me to use his genuine photo from the lions eating Marius the giraffe.

Copenhagen Zoo lions eating giraffe cartoon


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