Fake it until you make it as a designer

Fake it until you make it is a great piece of advice for designers. Or a slightly more accurate piece of advice that doesn’t scan quite as well, is Fake it until you become it. Act like you believe in yourself, act like you are a serious professional, act like this meeting or whatever is an every day occurrence, and eventually it will be. It also gives you something to concentrate on (the acting) rather than dealing with nerves or stress.



And once you have made it, sit back and watch everyone else faking it…

Here is a fascinating Ted Talk on the same subject.


The scariest client meeting for a designer


client-meeting-2 client-meeting-3 client-meeting-4


Of course the saying goes ‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee’. Meaning if too many people are involved in a design, without anyone being in charge of the project, bad design ensues.



Lies graphic designers say to art directors




equally spaced




‘Lies graphic designers say to Art Directors’ is based on my time working in agencies as a graphic designer working under Art Directors. Some of whom have been incredibly inspiring, talented people, who have taught me an immeasurable amount.

Hopefully that covers me should I run into any of them…

OS X Mavericks cartoon

So Apple have released their new operating system OS X Mavericks (you can readall about it here, so here’s my OS X Mavericks cartoon. Mavericks, really!? Have they run out of animals to name them after? I had 500 Danish kroner on ‘giraffe’!

OS X Mavericks cartoon