My top 5 tips for anyone interested in a new website

Internet graphicLet me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Internet Land… with my Top 5 tips you need to know if you are interested in a new website!

1. Use WordPress

Which CMS?
At close to 20% of the internet and 66% of the CMS market, you’d be silly not to. While things can change quickly, with that level of users, you won’t be stuck with outdated technology in the medium term. What is a CMS?
I don’t care what anyone says, ‘CMS Street’ is a brilliant gag!!


 Number 2. Your web site must be responsive.

Responsive web design cartoonWith 30-40% of all internet traffic now on smart phones and tablets, your site must automatically fit the user’s device. P.C sales are falling. Smart phones are increasing. This is only going to become more important.

 Number 3. Have a blog.

New content graphicIt’s just a page filled with articles in reverse order, latest article first. It can be a ‘latest news’, a diary, or your thoughts on your field of expertise. It does not need to be on the front page, but can be. Google loves new content, and the more your customers can learn about you the better. It will increase the chances of your customers finding you, which is considerably easier and cheaper than finding your customers. Here’s a great video interview with Bill Belew on WP Elevation, very inspiring for writing a blog.

 Number 4. Don’t concentrate solely on Social Media.

Mark Zuckerberg cartoon Facebook and Twitter are great, but don’t think you don’t need a website. It should be the centre point of your online marketing campaign. The mother ship. Then occasionally post a link to new content on Facebook or Twitter which will bring visitors to your site. Your site with your branding, selling your services, not Mark Zuckerberg’s.


Number 5. Get all your important information on your front page in a nice user friendly style.

Shiney object cartoon People are lazy, and the internet has scrambled a good deal of people’s ability to concentrate – when online at any rate. Therefor all the important information needs to be on the front page. Conversely don’t overdo the information. Simplify, and minimalism with small pieces of bright colour, to help direct the eye. This is very big online at the moment, and is referred to as ‘flat design’. It’s all to do with smart phone screen size, and all the information people now receive from social media, SMS, email etc. With apologies to Sesame Street for borrowing the image of Big Bird from So that is My top 5 tips for anyone interested in a new website. Do you want to know more? Do you disagree? Leave a comment below.