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WordPress or Wix a web designer’s opinion

For anyone considering a new website, WordPress or Wix may well be a question you are facing. I have worked on a couple of Wix sites for clients recently. I am a WordPress web designer of over a decade, my bias is obvious, but I am being truthful with my opinions. I recommend you search […]

Invited to be a guest on a podcast – to do or not to do, that is the question

Surprised and very honoured to be asked to be a guest on a podcast, www.beingfreelance.com/the-best-freelance-podcast. A brilliant podcast with a wealth of information for freelancers and those considering becoming freelance. This is the conversation in my head on being invited. Sensible me: I couldn’t possibly. No one wants to hear my opinions, I have nothing […]

Portfolio building as a designer – why my portfolio is everything

I have recently been updating my portfolio. A difficult task to get to when freelance. Thankful for being busy with client work, but the longer time passes without updating it, the bigger the task when getting to it, which makes avoiding starting it easier. Not unlike going to the gym. Around Xmas and New Year […]

Graphic Design trends for 2020 and why you should ignore them

A new year just started, and a time for bored hacks to predict/blind guess the graphic design trends for 2020. After a quick Google it appears random adjectives and talking bollocks will be big in 2020. Much like graphic design trends for 2019 then. So why in the graphic design world do we have articles […]