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Who can spot a stock photo a mile off?

Content on a website is an integrated, and incredibly important element of a brand. The website is the shop window, it is here where first impressions are made. As we all know, we make our evaluation on a person or business very quickly. Messing up that initial impression, is really not worth it.

Design memes – hipsters, skateboards and baristas

A large dump of my design memes on hipsters, skateboards, baristas and other stuff that catches my eye when scanning stock photos for clients. I’ve started an Instagram page for my design memes too. Giving me an excuse to hang around with the beautiful people and proper artists of Instagram, and pretend to fit in. www.instagram.com/iainsdesignmemes […]

Blackboards for Copenhagen restaurant Storehouse

As much as I love digital design, my Macs and creative software, it’s great now and again to go back to basics and create some hand-made design. I received an invite from The Storehouse restaurant, part of Adina Apartment Hotel, Amerika Plads, Nordhavn, Copenhagen to paint their blackboards. When I made my living doing this […]