My top six bad logo designs

As a logo designer I love to look at logos all around me. This involves me having plenty of opinions, positive and negative.

Designers are sometimes accused of looking at design as a designer and not as a viewer/potential customer.

So perhaps the logos and subsequent branding below have lead to greater brand recognition, better awareness with the correct market, and a massive increase in profits. Or perhaps I’m correct, and these logos are really bad.

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So here’s my top 6 bad logo designs!

Number 1. BP. Oil company

Bp logo
Whenever I see it, I think ‘Adobe Illustrator tutorial’ and ‘hay fever’. You can read BPs justification explanation here. One hates to kick a failing logo when it’s down, but the lower case minimalist lettering doesn’t work either. Looks suspiciously like Minion Pro, the default font on Adobe Illustrator. Web design has also given logo designers issues regarding the shape and amount of detail that a logo can carry. A quick look at the top left of BPs website shows the drawback of a logo as high as it is wide. It is just a bad logo design.

Number 2. Masterchef. British world-wide franchised TV programme.

Masterchef logo
Chefs do not cook with electric hobbs, they cook with gas. Nice design, but should not have gotten past the sketch version. You can read about the design here.

Number 3. Glasgow’s very own STV. (Scottish Television)

STV logo

A combination of a play button and a section of the Scottish flag, this logo simply does not work.  There’s the curves of the lettering, fighting the sharpness of the play button triangle. The closeness of the end part of the ´v`to the edge of the button… very strange.
As Taggart would say, ´It’s murder!`

Number 4. Sonofon Danish telephone company.

Sonofon logo


Insipid colour, meaningless ugly shape, and the 3D effect is at best ‘a bad choice’.

Number 5. The London Olympics.

London 2012 Olympics logo

Unforgivable. The terrible font, colours, shape, even the Trademark symbol in ghastly italics.

Number 6. Gasprom. Russian oil and gas company


Another one that just doesn’t work. From it saying G Gazprom to the gas G symbol being ´weak`. Gazprom, call me!!