The Design Museum Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s Design Museum offers a rich and varied guide around Danish design. From furniture, products, fashion and graphic design, the classic Scandinavian influences and the icons of Danish Design like Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mortensen and Verner Panton feature.

While the world renowned furniture, products and fashion design quite rightly feature strongly, the rich tradition of Danish poster design and logo design is also well represented. Web design is also featured which is great to see the world of the web entering into design history and gaining recognition.

The collection is stunning, with new exhibitions changing regularly. Highly recommended.






Finding the Design Museum in Copenhagen

Bredgade is just off Kongens Nytorv, the square that contains Magasin and Nyhavn harbour. About ten minutes walk, just past Amalienborg, the Royal Family’s winter residence and the very beautiful Marmor Kirk. If you carry on past the design museum you will eventually come to the Little Mermaid. So no excuse for not visiting.



The fast developing Copenhagen harbour district of Nordhavn

I was working on a web design project for a client in the Nordhavn region of Copenhagen. Nordhavn is the harbour area of Copenhagen and is undergoing an enormous amount of development, with new housing and businesses. It also contains the UN City building. The project required me to take some photos, so I got myself down to Nordhavn as soon as there was a bit of sunshine…

Dores Inn, Loch Ness Scotland

One of my favourite places to visit whenever I am back in Scotland is The Dores Inn restaurant, in the village of Dores on the outskirts of Inverness by Loch Ness. The food is fantastic, and the surrounding scenery is sensational. May be worth booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Inverness from which to visit, I recommend Bannerman Bed and Breakfast as it is a lovely bed and breakfast in a great location in Inverness – I designed the website, and my sister owns Bannerman B&B!

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Dores Inn Loch Ness


Labradors running into Loch Ness never to be seen again… Nessie likes a labrador. Dark chocolate or white chocolate, she’s not fussed.

Loch Ness Scotland

Told you…

Inverness Loch Ness



radisson-Blue Royal Hotel Copenhagen

The Arne Jacobsen hotel Copenhagen design experience

If you are visiting Copenhagen a great experience for design enthusiasts is a cup of coffee and bit of cake in the cafe of The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The hotel, designed by the great Arne Jacobsen, is a wonderful piece of architecture adjacent to Tivoli Gardens and the main train station (Hovedbanegården) in the centre of Copenhagen.

As well as being the architect, Arne Jacobsen designed the interiors and used his famous Swan and Egg chairs.


The cafe entrance is off of Vesterbrogade,  and feels like you are in a 1960’s Instagram filter. I always half expect to see a young Sean Connery in the corner, chain smoking and flirting with a beautiful, peroxide Russian spy, called, well something with a terrible double entendre. The service in the cafe is old fashioned classic style, it is criminally quiet in the afternoons, and getting a window seat is not generally a problem.

The view from the other side of the street is Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, which for  some unknown reason is always packed with tourists.

A quick trip through the lobby of the hotel ‘to visit the rest rooms/toilets’ lets you get a look at the Jacobsen Egg chairs and other Jacobsen designed details. There is also a bar in the hotel’s foyer area should you need a martini cocktail…

The most famous example of Jacobsen’s chairs – for anyone British at least – is from the photo with Christine Keeler who is best known from ‘The Scandal’ or ‘The Profumo Affair’. You can read a great article on it here at the V&A’s website. This is their picture.

Christine Keeler Jacobsen chair

radisson blue royal hotel interior

View from the cafe. The young Sean Connery and Svetlannalickalov, just out of picture, having a fag…

If you are looking to stay in the hotel, one bedroom remains in the original condition from 1960, and that is room 606 which you can book.

You can read a bit more here from Wikipedia on the hotel. And here on the great Arne Jacobsen.

Working on The Dental Trauma Guide website

A number of years ago I had the privilege to work for The Odontologist Videncenter (Department of Rare Oral Diseases), a research department within Rigshospital (University Hospital), Copenhagen’s main hospital.

I worked under the legendary dentist Jens Ove Andreasen, known as the Father of dental traumatology, and also department head Jette Daugaard-Jensen, and Søren Steno Ahrensburg Christensen. Working with other animators, graphic artists, and illustrators, we worked on The Dental Trauma Guide website which is a non-profit website dedicated to optimising worldwide treatment of dental trauma.

Their work in research and treatment of patients was fascinating and incredibly inspiring to see.