A re-launch of my side project Iain, my cartoon website


My cartoon website www.iain.dk has just been re-launched. As with my other side project, my football website thedandydons.com it is an opportunity for me to develop skills and express myself on my own terms. I greatly enjoy working with clients, but it is nice on my personal projects to do exactly what I want. It also makes me a better designer when working with clients, and a bit less of a control freak.

The drawing style for Iain.dk is very different from my commercial illustration style. And is a very enjoyable way to work. I now have a brand new Facebook page to bring people into. It currently has precisely six! Hint, hint. www.facebook.com/iaindk



Barmaid formerly of the Folies Bergère

This is from my cartoon website at www.iain.dk. As a huge fan of Edouard Manet’s paintings, when I’m in London I always visit The Courtauld Institute gallery to visit Edouard Manet’s Bar at the Folies Bergère. It is a sensational painting. Situated about a two minute walk from Trafalgar Square on The Strand it is also a lot quieter than the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.



Fake it until you make it as a designer

Fake it until you make it is a great piece of advice for designers. Or a slightly more accurate piece of advice that doesn’t scan quite as well, is Fake it until you become it. Act like you believe in yourself, act like you are a serious professional, act like this meeting or whatever is an every day occurrence, and eventually it will be. It also gives you something to concentrate on (the acting) rather than dealing with nerves or stress.



And once you have made it, sit back and watch everyone else faking it…

Here is a fascinating Ted Talk on the same subject. www.blog.ted.com/2013/12/13/fake-it-til-you-become-it-amy-cuddys-power-poses-visualized/


The scariest client meeting for a designer


client-meeting-2 client-meeting-3 client-meeting-4


Of course the saying goes ‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee’. Meaning if too many people are involved in a design, without anyone being in charge of the project, bad design ensues.




WordPress designer cartoon




Cartoon design history of the RAF logo

The classic RAF logo is something of a design classic. It is simple classy and instantly recognisable. You can read about the logo (roundel) from the RAF’s site here.




Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A by NamelessFaithlessGod on deviantART


Five signs you are a workaholic freelance designer

After a couple of weeks of hard work without a day off, you force yourself to take an evening off and at 9.15pm you find yourself writing and illustrating an article on ‘Five signs you are a workaholic freelance designer’, then I guess that’s me then.

1.When to relax from work, you open a copy of Computer Arts magazine ‘to unwind’.


2. When you have design dreams in your sleep.

designer dreaming

3. Unable to not check your phone.





4. When you get some time off and you go ‘finally, I can work on animation!’.




5. When on a date in a nice restaurant you are thinking, ‘This place is nice, if I did their website it would look great on my portfolio’, how can I get the conversation on to web design?.






My top 4 tips on starting a design and branding agency

1. Don’t blow all your start up capital on toys!


2. Do you want to work with your friends or lose your friends.


If you are starting a business with friends because it will be fun, you are going in with the wrong attitude. If they don’t have the same work ethic and/or commitment as you, you may well ruin a business and a friendship.

3. Be wary and be prepared


In business as in life the vast majority of people are hard working and honest. However every now and then you meet a bad one. Some are such skilled con men and women they will have conned you without you even knowing. Read about contracts. Look at contract templates. Cover yourself. Alternatively find yourself a hit man in need of a website/logo design. Just kidding… for legal reasons.

4. Get an accountant


Unless you really love accounting just get an accountant. Take away the hassle and stress of dealing with the tax man/woman…