Developers and designers

Can’t live without them, not allowed to punch them…

Working with Developers is always an enjoyable experience. Our skills overlap, in the sense I have some front-end skills, and they have read Lord of the Rings, several times. I tease them because their new PC they love and adore is an ugly box, and they threaten to give away a million plot spoilers for Game of Thrones, because they’ve read the book. Which was, ‘so much better’.

The church of Apple

Then I’m called a Mac fanboy. Ooh bitches! Just because I think PC’s are ugly, doesn’t make me a Mac fanboy. Plenty things are wrong with Macs. The attitude of the ‘experts’ working in their shops.  The functionality first concept that provides a 27 inch iMac (so clearly space is not an issue for the user) with a tiny minimilist keyboard which is not very good for typing on. Then there’s Flash. We Mac designers loved Flash. A visually stunning animation programme, that made website content unlimited in it’s possibilities. And, was a bugger to learn. And who killed Flash? Apple did. Leaving us with second rate, all too similar jQuery animation to liven up websites. Thanks Apple, thanks a bunch!

Then there’s Apple’s minimalist packaging. It’s always beautiful, and brilliantly designed. So what’s with the Apple stickers that come with every product?!  I’d love them, if I was eight years old. They are a piece of tat!

Of course having a healthy disrespect for the church of Apple may be just a ruse. After all, where would I be without the fantastic guys who solve my problems, make that div do what I want, sort out the PHP, make things work again after I’ve broken them. Just button it about Game of Thrones though, seriously, don’t go there.

Eddie Izzard on printers

A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all!

Coming to the end of my first year as freelance designer and illustrator in a few years, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my clients of 2012, and wish them all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

I look forward to working again with them in the future, and to meeting and working with new clients in 2013.

My special thanks to Tue at, Bettina at Sterling Tobacco and Jason and Adam at Brand X for their support and advice this year.

While you all know me quite well, you also appreciate this thanks is in lieu of a Christmas card! I’m from Scotland after all…


Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love is a book written by the designer David Airey. Essential reading for designers as a guide to creating iconic brand identities. It is also a fascinating read for anyone in business.
His blog at is also well worth visiting.


Creative reading

One of my favourite magazines is Computer Arts. It’s tagline is ‘The essential read for the modern designer’. Which is exactly what it is. It is filled with inspiration, techniques and fascinating industry features. I also read it’s sister magazine .Net, which keeps me up to date with the latest trends in web design.

While magazines may have suffered in terms of sales due to the internet, the iPad versions of these magazines are fantastic, and will most certainly become the future of publishing. Unlike the web, where there are many restrictions on what can be done with the design, fonts, images etc. the iPad magazine downloads in one, and is the same as the print version, but with added functionality. The film magazine Empire’s front cover for their 2012 Batman edition is animated. The future of magazine design has arrived.