A new Facebook outlet for my cartoon illustration

vincent-van-gogh-cartoonI was delighted to launch a new Facebook page for my cartoon illustration work, and even more delighted to see it pick up an audience of over a thousand in a couple of weeks. Having worked as a cartoonist and illustrator on newspapers and magazines in the UK and Denmark before becoming a designer it was a part of my skills set that had to be put on hold.

As my web design and graphic design business is working well, I now have enough time to post a couple of cartoons or comics a week on the Facebook page, and the website I have a shop on the website, and look forward to developing some merchandise for it over the coming months. The post above on Vincent Van Gogh picked up 2700 likes through targeting a boosted post to the correct audience.

The Facebook page also becomes my main Facebook business page on Social Media as like many other designers I learned that posting design inspiration, and examples of my work created an exceptionally dull Facebook page, that even I didn’t want to like.

The page in itself won’t generate web design leads or graphic design leads, but it puts me out there as a creative person, knowledgeable about building an audience on Facebook, the shop will generate some income, and it’s a lot of fun. And if you like the page, I will be delighted to see you there.







Brønshøj BK football illustrations

bronshoj-bk-floodlightMy local football club are Brønshøj BK. They have been in the top Danish league, and are more often than not in the second tier. Currently in the third tier of Danish football, but will hopefully get through their play off group.

Their stadium is Tingbjerg Stadium (Idrætspark), about 10 minutes from my flat, so if Aberdeen don’t have a game at the same time I try and head over there. It is a 3000 capacity stadium with 600 seats, and has a wonderful charm. The combination of passionate local supporters and nice compact stadium with recently added floodlights, and beer and hotdogs and snaps , make for a great experience.

Brønshøj BK play in yellow and black, and are known as The Wasps (Hvepsene).

Bus 2a from Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården) going towards Nørrebro, will get you there.

I have been working on the illustrations as I also experiment with my Aberdeen FC work, and will be adding more shortly.





Becoming a better designer and illustrator with my side project The Dandy Dons



As an illustrator, graphic designer and web designer I use my side project The Dandy Dons’ website and Facebook page as an online sketch book.

On the page I develop styles, gain new skills, experiment, turn ideas around quickly, and test social media marketing practises. I then receive instant feedback and the opportunity to evaluate my work in a way that does not work for me with portfolio work.

This makes me a better designer and illustrator, which in turn helps me deliver better solutions for my clients. It also connects me to an online community where we share our passion for Aberdeen Football Club.

The website has vague aspirations of becoming a conceptual art project, but is ultimately just a blog about a football team. COYR as we say.




Still life illustration work in progress


This is a work in progress for my portfolio. It is based on a meal in The Nørrebro Bryghus restaurant in Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

I had a very enjoyable meal with my good friend Pedro.

As an illustrator the advice given is always to stick to one style. This is with regard to selling as an illustrator, to be memorable for art directors. I have always had difficulty following this advice, and when younger the constraints stopped me being able to work at times.

So there’s the cartoon work that is the majority my website, the still life like the above image, portraiture (new ones coming soon) and more detailed character design.

I justify my switching of styles by pointing out Sir Paul McCartney wrote Helter Skelter, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, and Hey Jude. So if the great man can switch style as he pleases so can I.

I appreciate putting myself in the same sentence as Sir Paul is an act of laughable egoism, but if no one else will do it…


A re-launch of my side project Iain, my cartoon website


My cartoon website has just been re-launched. As with my other side project, my football website it is an opportunity for me to develop skills and express myself on my own terms. I greatly enjoy working with clients, but it is nice on my personal projects to do exactly what I want. It also makes me a better designer when working with clients, and a bit less of a control freak.

The drawing style for is very different from my commercial illustration style. And is a very enjoyable way to work. I now have a brand new Facebook page to bring people into. It currently has precisely six! Hint, hint.



Noel Gallagher’s got a new product out

Noel Gallagher's hair

Dear old Noel Gallagher (we’re the same age!) where did it all go wrong? Or how did it all go right back in the day? Whereby the stars aligned and a mix between the rawness of The Sex Pistols, with a bit of a Beatles sound, together with Liam being Liam, combined to make Oasis sensational for a little over an album…

Still Noel’s interviews are always entertaining.

There’s a brilliantly savage article on Noel from Luke Haines on The Talk house here.




A Copenhagen burger illustration at Cafe Staalvand in Brønshøj

Out for lunch with my good friend Pedro at Staalvand Cafe in Brønshøj on the outskirts of Copenhagen. I took some photos of my burger and felt inspired to do an illustration.


Barmaid formerly of the Folies Bergère

This is from my cartoon website at As a huge fan of Edouard Manet’s paintings, when I’m in London I always visit The Courtauld Institute gallery to visit Edouard Manet’s Bar at the Folies Bergère. It is a sensational painting. Situated about a two minute walk from Trafalgar Square on The Strand it is also a lot quieter than the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.



McInnes and Sir Alex, with thanks to Michelangelo – free download

The Renaissance of Aberdeen F.C.


To be fair to McInnes it is pretty cold at the moment

Aberdeen F.Cs manager Derek McInnes is fingered by Sir Alex Ferguson. This bit of Photoshopping was done for at the beginning of season 2013 – 2014- Sir Alex Ferguson had just retired from Manchester United, and things were starting to go well with Derek McInnes at Aberdeen F.C. Eighteen months later and Aberdeen F.C are top of the league.

Some have said this image is a little bit homoerotic. I don’t see it myself…

Click the link below to download an A4 print ready PDF.
Download an A4 pdf here