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Choosing and adding photos to a WordPress web site

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Everybody say ‘cheese’!

The importance of great photos on a website

You can make or break a web site with the correct photographs. It is worth spending time and effort on finding the correct materials.

Ideally hire a photographer, they can really make an incredible difference to getting great photos. You can also take your own. If a friend has a good camera borrow it or get them to take some for you, as the correct equipment can really make a difference. My one photography tip would be to take way too many shots.  It is hit or miss with photography. If it takes 50 photos to get one great one, take 500!

Stock photos

Alternatively use a stock photo web site. Be careful with these as they can give your site a generic look. Spend time finding the special ones. Often what seems like a great photo when seen in isolation does not work on a web site. Other times a seemingly dull unremarkable image transforms a page. So I recommend trying a number of options. For the stock photo sites there is a download ‘comp’ option, so you can try them out before paying.

‘But I can just take photos from the internet’ is a quote I have heard a disappointing number of times.  It is illegal and you run a very real risk of being caught. Either by the photo’s copyright owner, or by your own clients. Do you want dishonesty added to your brand?

Further photo advice

Adding a face or faces (real faces not stock images) adds a human element to your website. It makes you appear more approachable and potential clients or customers get to know a little more about you.

For a team photo or office photo, sunshine makes an enormous difference. On a bright sunny day get your team outside, get some photos taken also of your office/business and surroundings if relevant.

Photo size

The size of your photo should be the actual size you can see it. The bigger the image, the longer time it takes an image to load, slowing down your site. Dimensions are in pixels, the dpi (dot per inch) should be 72.

In Photoshop, get the dimensions correct using Image > Image size, DPI is irrelevant here. Using pixel dimensions full width of this page would be 1130 pixels. The photo I am using of the cheese above is 800 pixels wide.

Then File > Save for the web. Save as Jpeg at 100% quality – as the web is at 72dpi, the image will be saved at 72dpi.  When naming your file, describe your image with regard to SEO. For example company-name-team.jpg. Use a dash (-) between each word.

If you are using another image programme, then Google how to save an image for the web in that programme. Photoshop Essentials is available from Adobe for around 100 DKK per month.

Examples A professional photographer was hired by the client. Team photos in the sunshine.

Stock photo sites

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