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Iain Cameron is a Copenhagen based graphic designer, web designer, motion designer and illustrator.

What the internet didn't know it needed; a designers opinion on The Office.
May 29, 2024/by Iain Cameron
The genius of Milton Glaser's I heart NY design.
May 22, 2024/by Iain Cameron
A short review and a longer review of Denmark's Louisiana Art Gallery.
May 20, 2024/by Iain Cameron
This designer's healthy Apple relationship
February 4, 2024/by Iain Cameron
Do you need to learn Danish to live in Denmark?
February 2, 2024/by Iain Cameron
Copenhagen on a budget - how to get a cheap pint and other tips
January 22, 2024/by Iain Cameron
Danish Design: The Beauty of Minimalism and Functionality
January 18, 2024/by Iain Cameron
My bad experience as an art student, many years ago.
January 15, 2024/by Iain Cameron
A camel is a horse designed by a committee – a designer’s guide
January 13, 2024/by Iain Cameron
Illum is arguably Denmark's most sophisticated department…
January 12, 2024/by Iain Cameron
Listen to The Joker
Working for free is a discussion subject…
February 20, 2023/by Iain Cameron
Cartoon design history of the RAF logo
January 17, 2023/by Iain Cameron
It has been my immense pleasure and privilege to create some…
June 12, 2022/by Iain Cameron
For anyone considering a new website, Wordpress or Wix may…
May 20, 2020/by Iain Cameron
So I did it. I got through a podcast as a guest. You can read…
March 30, 2020/by Iain Cameron
Surprised and very honoured to be asked to be a guest on a podcast,…
March 8, 2020/by Iain Cameron
If you are applying for an intern position at a design company…
March 3, 2020/by Iain Cameron
As a designer I am often looking at stock photos for design jobs,…
February 22, 2020/by Iain Cameron

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Iain Cameron is a Copenhagen based graphic designer, web designer and illustrator