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An opportunity for me to write and draw on design, the creative industry, Copenhagen, food, and whatever takes my fancy. On the off chance you want to read more about me, you’ll find that here.


How to get good at Photoshop quickly

An experienced graphic designer's guide to learning Photoshop quickly.

WordPress or Wix a web designer’s opinion

For anyone considering a new website, Wordpress or Wix may…

The aftermath of being a guest on a podcast

So I did it. I got through a podcast as a guest. You can read…

Invited to be a guest on a podcast – to do or not to do, that is the question

Surprised and very honoured to be asked to be a guest on a podcast,…

A graphic designer’s guide to applying for an intern position at a design company

If you are applying for an intern position at a design company…

Graphic design memes, a little bit of designer humour

As a designer I am often looking at stock photos for design jobs,…

Portfolio building as a designer – why my portfolio is everything

I have recently been updating my portfolio. A difficult task…
mistakes as a freelance graphic designer

A list of my mistakes as a freelance graphic designer

I've made plenty mistakes as a freelance graphic designer. So I have listed the worst by way of advice to any others starting as freelancers.
copenhagen budget beer

Copenhagen on a budget 2020 – how to get a cheap pint and other tips

Some budget tips on visiting Copenhagen from living here twenty plus years.

Graphic Design trends for 2020 and why you should ignore them

A new year just started, and a time for bored hacks to predict/blind…

Design students and graduates – finding a job

It is particularly tough for those finishing their design…

Is graphic design worth studying?

A question and answer on the value of studying graphic design.