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An opportunity for me to write and draw on design, the creative industry, Copenhagen, food, and whatever takes my fancy. On the off chance you want to read more about me, you’ll find that here.

web design superhero

All the power of Wordpress in the best creative hands

'All the power of Wordpress in the best creative hands' is…
shark apple jumping

Has Apple jumped the shark?

Has Apple jumped the shark? The phrase jumping the shark…

Bad logo designs - and why they drive me up the wall

Bad logo designs As a logo designer I look at and analyse logos…
the art of logo design

The art of logo design

What are the components of a quality logo? What makes a logo work or not work? Why is it important?
web design 2019

A web designer's digital guide for 2019 and beyond

A look at web design in 2019, as well as SEO and social media for business.
game day aberdeen

Illustrations of bottles

A bit about my odd love of illustrating bottles.
rolling stones warhol

Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol, the greatest commissioning letter ever

The ultimate commissioning letter. Two successful, wealthy,…

Less is more - Design memes

As a designer I am often looking at stock photos for design jobs,…
logo design web design
fyre festival marketing

Fyre Festival - the lesson of great marketing

The important marketing lesson from Fyre Festival (now on Netflix) the disastrous 'luxury' festival on a remote island in the Bahamas.

Apple loving, and the problem with Steve Jobs

I like Apple, I like their products, I own quite a few. I would consider my relationship to Apple to be a healthy, rational, grown up one. This is, as opposed to my relationship with say, the football team I support, or Star Wars, The Sopranos, ex girlfriends, ex girlfriends' sisters... I could go on.
boring graphic design

Graphic design is boring

A look at why graphic design is boring, and why it's okay to admit it.