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Not to be sniffed at – dealing with friends who love to spread illness

Not to be sniffed at… Perhaps I’m a little over sensitive. Or perhaps I’m correct and some of my friends really should be thrown of my fourth floor balcony. You decide. I meet up with them, and whether it’s mine, theirs or at a neutral venue, they are full of the cold, or worse. Or […]


Why designers should never work for free

Listen to The Joker Working for free is a discussion subject that comes up way too often in the design world sadly. As the late Heath Ledger’s Joker character says in the film The Dark Knight above, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” There are a number of reasons for […]


Brønshøj BK football illustrations

My local football club are Brønshøj BK. They have been in the top Danish league, and are more often than not in the second tier. Currently in the third tier of Danish football, but will hopefully get through their play off group. Their stadium is Tingbjerg Stadium (Idrætspark), about 10 minutes from my flat, so […]


The time I cycled into a Danish policeman and knocked him over

On moving to Denmark, one of the first things I had to do on my arrival in Copenhagen was to purchase a bicycle. My then girlfriend found one in a newspaper. A price was agreed and borrowing my girlfriend’s bike, I just had to go and get it.


The time I got on a plane and I didn’t know where it was going

It had begun with a series of delays on my journey from my flat to Copenhagen Airport. Followed by a series of delays in the airport from queuing for, well it’s Copenhagen Airport, so everything then.


Still life illustration work in progress

This is a work in progress for my portfolio. It is based on a meal in The Nørrebro Bryghus restaurant in Nørrebro in Copenhagen. I had a very enjoyable meal with my good friend Pedro. As an illustrator the advice given is always to stick to one style. This is with regard to selling as […]


Top 3 tips for visiting Copenhagen

I get asked from time to time for tips on visiting the city of Copenhagen. There is of course lots of information available online, but here are my top three. If you are even remotely physically capable of cycling, hire a bike. The centre of Copenhagen is relatively small and you will be able to get around […]


A re-launch of my side project Iain, my cartoon website

My cartoon website has just been re-launched. As with my other side project, my football website it is an opportunity for me to develop skills and express myself on my own terms. I greatly enjoy working with clients, but it is nice on my personal projects to do exactly what I want. It […]


Cocks and Cows burgers Copenhagen

The Governator at Cocks and Cows. No I couldn’t possibly, oh alright then… If you are in Copenhagen, and fancy a nice burger. A nice big burger. A huge burger to satisfy the biggest appetite, then Cocks and Cows is well worth a visit. There’s one just off the main square Rådhuspladsen part of the SP34 […]