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An opportunity for me to write and draw on design, the creative industry, Copenhagen, food, and whatever takes my fancy. On the off chance you want to read more about me, you’ll find that here.


A new Facebook outlet for my cartoon illustration

I was delighted to launch a new Facebook page for my cartoon…

The joy of Brønshøj's Utterslev Mose in the Spring

I am incredibly lucky to live in such close proximity to…

The Design Museum Copenhagen

Copenhagen's Design Museum offers a rich and varied guide around…

Not to be sniffed at - dealing with friends who love to spread illness

Not to be sniffed at... Perhaps I'm a little over sensitive.…

Why designers should never work for free

Listen to The Joker Working for free is a discussion subject…

Brønshøj BK football illustrations

My local football club are Brønshøj BK. They have been in the…

The time I cycled into a Danish policeman and knocked him over

On moving to Denmark, one of the first things I had to do on my arrival in Copenhagen was to purchase a bicycle. My then girlfriend found one in a newspaper. A price was agreed and borrowing my girlfriend’s bike, I just had to go and get it.

The time I got on a plane and I didn’t know where it was going

It had begun with a series of delays on my journey from my flat to Copenhagen Airport. Followed by a series of delays in the airport from queuing for, well it's Copenhagen Airport, so everything then.

Still life illustration work in progress

This is a work in progress for my portfolio. It is based…

Top 3 tips for visiting Copenhagen

I get asked from time to time for tips on visiting the city of…

A re-launch of my side project Iain, my cartoon website

My cartoon website has just been re-launched.…