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Design students and graduates – finding a job

It is particularly tough for those finishing their design…

Is graphic design worth studying?

A question and answer on the value of studying graphic design.

Happy Hallowiain!

A Happy Hallowiain to everyone! If it's not October the 31st…

Is it worth making your own website?

Is it worth making your own website? The three variables…
sign writing copenhagen

Events’ signs and blackboards

Should you or your company in Copenhagen require a specialised…
freelance graphic designer

Freelance graphic designer – what I have learned

A look at what I have learned as a freelance graphic designer the last eight years.
website cost

How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? A very important question for…
web design superhero

All the power of WordPress in the best creative hands

'All the power of Wordpress in the best creative hands' is…
shark apple jumping

Has Apple jumped the shark?

Has Apple jumped the shark? The phrase jumping the shark…

Five famous logo designs – and why they drive me up the wall

Bad logo designs As a logo designer I look at and analyse logos…
the art of logo design

The art of logo design

What are the components of a quality logo? What makes a logo work or not work? Why is it important?
web design 2019

A web designer’s digital guide for 2019 and beyond

A look at web design in 2019, as well as SEO and social media for business.