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I am currently working on a brand new website which will be launched in early 2024.

Graphic designer Copenhagen

Iain Cameron is a graphic designer based in Copenhagen.

I work with brand development, logo design and all aspects of design for business, and have over twenty years experience.

Examples of my work are featured in my portfolio and further down this page.

Please get in touch whatever your enquiry. Tel: (0045) 60140073

Iain Cameron

Web and graphic design
Tel: (0045) 60140073
CVR-nr.: 25 61 15 27

Identity design

Identity design for Skateboard apparel label

Drop In Drop Out are a skateboard apparel label based in Denmark.

They required an identity to communicate the quality of their clothing to parents, and to appeal to kids. The symbol while a strong recognisable face, is also the first letters of the company name, a skateboard, and a skateboard ramp.

Identity design

Identity design for Eyesea

Eyesea is a nonprofit organization with a mission to map global pollution and maritime hazards.

An identity to communicate the important work of this organisation. In addition to the logo I designed the website, reports and business cards.

Identity design

Identity design for Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN)

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large.

A rebrand for MACN with a strong, confident identity to reflect the serious and important nature of their work. The radar symbol incorporates ‘the three Cs of MACN’, representing Capability building, Collective action, and Collaboration, the pillars of the organisation. I also designed their website and reports.

Logo design and web design

Logo design and website design for NoLesLaw

NoLesLaw is a network of legal scholars who seek to increase the quality, scale, and relevance of legal empirical research.

The logo is a very simplified expanding network, the circle holding the network together. The less than sign from maths is also incorporated. The text was kept very simple, as with an unusual name, easy readability was essential, helping create a strong and professional identity.

Branding presentation video

A video for the NolesLaw academic law brand and website.

Logo design and website

Board Report

Logo design, business cards and a brochure design for Danish company Board Report.

Board Report provide advice and software for company boards. I designed their website at

Their logo was designed to reflect the dynamism of their product and the professionalism of Board Report’s services. The design is three sheets of paper (a report), with the central piece of paper represented by a negative shape.  The darker piece of paper at the back, gives a forward looking positive trajectory arrow.

Logo design and website

Bannerman Bed and Breakfast

Logo design, business cards and a brochure design for Scottish bed and breakfast (small hotel) Bannerman Bed and Breakfast.

The logo design was designed to reflect the stylish nature of the business,  the modernity of the features, and the solidity of the business’s Victorian building.

Bannerman Bed and Breakfast is a small, friendly stylish bed and breakfast situated in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.I designed their web site at

Logo design and website


Lexco is an independent provider of legal and corporate services, delivering personal and tailored solutions to international corporations, national firms, and high net worth individuals and their families.

Logo design and multi-language responsive web design.

You are welcome to look at my web design portfolio here, and my illustration portfolio here.


Testimonials for Iain Cameron

Clone this man! The world needs more website professionals like him. Iain Cameron not only created a beautiful website for me, which many people admired, but he was a joy to work with: attentive, constructive, creative and practical. Highly recommended.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Iain and believe that he would be an asset to any website development project.

Iain’s work exceeded our expectations and I would definitely recommend him.

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