Denmark’s National Gallery -Statens Museum for Kunst


Statens Museum for kunst. Well named and bloody awful!

Denmark’s National Gallery is a bit of a let down. Despite it’s Danish name being very amusing if you have an eight year old’s sense of humour, it’s a disappointing gallery. I wouldn’t say don’t visit it, only make sure you visit Louisiana Museum of art which I’ve written about here, and The Carlsberg Glyptotek which I’ve written about here, first.

There are a few nice paintings featured, Matisse, a Modigliani, but they are very thin on the ground, in a very large gallery. The highlight for me, and from which the poor quality of the rest of the collection stands out even further, are the Emil Noldes. They are sensational.

Of course art and art galleries are subjective. You may love the place… I would just say don’t think as it is Denmark’s National Gallery that it is the one to visit.