Aberdeen FC illustration

Aberdeen FC illustrations

I am from the city of Aberdeen in Scotland and am a supporter of the football team Aberdeen FC. As an illustrator I worked on fanzines, the local newspaper and for the club briefly, going back to the 1990s. Continues after the gallery.

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There is a whole website dedicated to this work thedandydons.com plus the social media pages.

I came back to the work unexpectedly in 2015 while looking for a creative side project separate from my design business. How much was ‘unfinished business’, the creative freedom of self publishing on a blog and social media, or Derek McInnes’s exceptional managerial skills, I’m not sure.

The work on social media divides into two. The sports’ illustration above, based on the players, the stadium and the city, and memes. The illustrations are also posters or adverts for games. The memes are far more successful on social media, but are way too niche for here.

As an illustrator and designer I use the work as an online sketchbook, to practice my skills and experiment. Having an audience makes it more interesting and keeps me tuned into social media development.