Web design, logo design, business cards and postcards


Postcard design for Stine

Responsive web design

Stine Kjær Jensen’s website at www.stine-bellydance.dk was designed to sell her belly dance skills. She is based in Jylland and performs at belly dance shows, for company functions, and teaches dance.

The website is responsive, to enable viewers on all platforms to view it at optimal quality. The site automatically reduces in size, while maintaining legibility, on smart phones or tablets.

Multi language

With the nature of Stine’s work an English language and Danish language version was required. Through browser detection the site will appear in the language version the viewer’s browser is set in.

The overall look and feel of the site was to project Stine’s style and professionalism. Stine commissioned photographer Niels at Niels Bundgaard Fotografi. I recoloured some of the images to enhance the style.

Search engine optimised

Stine ranks very highly for ‘Belly dance Århus’ and ‘Mavedans Århus’ which is her main area for business.

Logo design and branding

The logo design for Stine was agreed with the client to be modern and stylish. The natural direction was to use an Arabic swash font which never quite worked for Stine’s name or for the desired look or feel.

A clean modern sans-serif font was found with the swish above conveying the movement of the dance and the oriental mystique. The identity is kept consistent throughout the aspects of Stine’s brand with her photogenic image always at the forefront.

Flash website
Stine’s earlier website was made with Adobe Flash, and combined animation and film. www.stine-bellydance.dk/flash It needed to be replaced as Flash does not play on smart phones or tablets.