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Logo design and app design

For a Danish app and website for donating money to Danish charities and organisations, which spreads content through social media. The logo and branding is modern, dynamic and stylish to reflect the brand.

The name is a portmanteau combining the words ‘give’ or ‘giving’ with ‘ripple’.

For their logo I chose to use the letter ‘g’ and combined it with a graphic ripple effect. I did not feel it was necessary for the viewer to ‘see’ this automatically. It did not matter if they ever got the visual connection. It had to be simple, and memorable, like all the best logos.

The font was chosen to help signify the company were digital, and to strengthen the message from the curved lowercase ‘g’.

The colours are intentionally subdued as it is a platform from which charities and organisations display their work. The identity should melt into the background.