MACN – Maritime Anti – Corruption Network

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The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) is a global business network working towards the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large.


Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) Rebrand

The MACN rebrand

The previous logo of MACN served the organisation well during its inaugural decade, yet the time had come for a contemporary update. Having collaborated on various design projects with MACN for over a year, I gained a profound understanding of its existing design and branding elements. This experience provided me with a unique perspective to not only analyse the organization’s branding but also to scrutinize the broader landscape of the maritime industry. Through this exploration, I identified key areas that required attention: a demand for increased strength and authority in the brand representation, coupled with a need to elevate the visual impact of the radar symbol, transforming it from a mere illustration into a potent symbol.

Additionally, a challenge surfaced regarding the organization’s nomenclature. As MACN had solidified its presence and reputation within the industry, the decision was made to gradually transition away from the full name. The acronym, which had become synonymous with the organization, was deemed sufficiently robust to stand alone, at least on certain occasions.

This strategic shift in nomenclature was a pivotal aspect of fortifying the overall brand presence. Embracing the concise four-letter acronym not only symbolized a new level of confidence but also facilitated a bold and powerful visual impact, accentuated further by the deliberate choice of a robust and commanding font.


Above is the previous design.

The color palette underwent a significant transformation to align more seamlessly with the visual language of the maritime industry while exuding a heightened sense of confidence. Introducing a deep blue evoked a sophisticated maritime essence, while the infusion of a powerful red conveyed strength and authority. A nuanced approach was taken with a slightly darker shade of red to mitigate any perception of ostentation, ensuring its minimal and purposeful use. Complementing these choices, a very pale grey background was introduced to impart a subtle softness to the logo, infusing a touch of NGO sophistication into the overall design.

The symbol underwent a deliberate simplification, distilling the essence of the radar while seamlessly incorporating the symbolic representation of MACN’s core principles, known as the 3 C’s: Collaboration, Collective Action, and Capability Building. This strategic refinement allowed the 3 C’s to organically integrate as a distinctive element within the symbol, serving as a visual testament to MACN’s guiding principles.

Furthermore, the incorporation of a secondary element, distinguished by its vibrant red hue, serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it symbolizes the expanding membership of MACN, embodying a sense of growth and inclusivity. On the other hand, this red section functions as a visual metaphor for effective communication, reinforcing MACN’s commitment to fostering open dialogue within its community.