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Identity Design and web Design for NoLesLaw network of scholars

NoLesLaw is a network of scholars who seek to increase the quality, scale, and relevance of legal empirical research. Participants are active in the areas of European, comparative, and international law and apply a wide range of empirical methods, qualitative and quantitative. NoLesLaw is funded by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences.

Logo design

The early sketches were begun after gaining as much information from the client on their thoughts and needs for the brand identity. They were involved at all steps in the design development.

I was aware NoLesLaw a very unusual name, so needed to be very easy to read. There could be no mistake on identifying the name, or how to write it. This in turn reduced the possibilities for the wordmark, but would help define the overall direction.

I had worked with ‘law’ as a visual design subject previously, and was already aware standard visual imagery was limited, and largely cliched. I tried out some initially as some times a cliche is ‘right’, and sometimes an unexpected surprise can be found.

As a moved between network imagery and the ‘less than’ sign from maths, the concept came together.

logo design law firm

After discussing with the client, the final design became as above.

The symbol represents a number of elements of the Noleslaw network. An expanding network is implied through the dots, as is a trumpet or ‘increasing volume’ symbol for the communication part of the network’s work, plus a less than symbol from maths.

Simple and clean, using only one colour. Dark blue carries a legal gravitas. This simplicity has strength and confidence. A modern font worked better than a classic serif, but could have gone either way on that detail.

Web design

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