Web design & logo design

Web Design and logo design for NoLesLaw network of scholars

NoLesLaw is a network of scholars who seek to increase the quality, scale, and relevance of legal empirical research. Participants are active in the areas of European, comparative, and international law and apply a wide range of empirical methods, qualitative and quantitative. NoLesLaw is funded by the joint committee for Nordic research councils in the humanities and social sciences.

Logo design

logo design law firm

After discussions with the client to gain a full understanding of their network and what they wished to communicate a number of suggestions were designed to find a solution that would suitably communicate their brand. We then worked back and forth on final designs until the client was happy.

The symbol represents a number of elements of the Noleslaw network. An expanding network is implied through the dots, as is a trumpet or ‘increasing volume’ symbol for the communication part of the network’s work, plus a less than symbol from maths.

Simple and clean, using only one colour. This simplicity has strength and confidence.

Web design

The website needed to communicate the professionalism of the network, and their work. The members were encouraged to send their photos as this would help communicate more about them, and get a sense of who they were. The website  has a latest news section, and each member has their own page. The blue tint pulls together all the disparate elements to brand everything under The NoLesLaw network umbrella.