Web design & logo design

Website and identity for pricing expert

The client The Pink Enterprise is a boutique advisory firm specialised in price strategy. The website is a one page design, multi-language (English and Danish, Dutch to come soon) and with a latest news, opinion blog.

The pink fish video adds vitality and life to the design, and the brand. Designed to be memorable, clean, and professional.


The Logo

The simple, clean logo, is strong and powerful. With the word Pink already in the name, there is pink, but it is contrasted by strong colours to counter any gender implication, making the logo gender neutral.

The very simple symbol is a roof for the enterprise. It is also an arrow pointing upwards. Reflecting positivity, profit, sales increase. The triangular shape also gives the number three to the brand, from the three sides. Services, and other elements are offered in threes.

A photo style was developed for the blog section of black and white imagery, with a pink element.



I highly recommend working with Iain! He is incredibly fast, attentive and truly professional. All requests – no matter how large or small – were answered fast. He followed up and double checked to ensure all worked as per plan. He has a very creative approach to everything he does – as you would expect yet he goes over and beyond the standard. He really thinks about your business and analyses things in-depth. This meant that his first logo design was spot-on. He is not afraid to challenge you as a client when you come with wild ideas, which he can based on his extensive experience yet he fully respects any choices you make. And then to top it all off, he has a great sense of humour which makes working with him even better.

I look forward to continuing the work with him in future!