Web design & logo design

The Pink Enterprise

The Pink Enterprise is a boutique advisory firm specialised in price strategy. The website is a one page design. The fish video adds vitality and life to the website, and the brand. The website is designed to be memorable, clean, professional, and easy to read. The website is multi-language and there is a latest news, opinion blog.

Identity and branding

The Logo

The simple, clean logo, is designed to be memorable, professional, and powerful. With the word Pink already in the name, there is pink, but it is contrasted by strong colours to counter any gender implication, making the logo gender neutral.

The symbol is a roof for the enterprise. It is also an arrow pointing upwards. Reflecting positivity, profit, sales increase. The triangular shape also gives the number three to the brand, from the three sides. Services, and other elements are offered in threes.