Web design & logo design

Xenia Travel company logo

Logo design for travel company Xenia.

A stylish solution combining a jumbo jet with the letter X. The circles representing the planet and the online nature of the company’s business.

About Xenia

A small travel company beginning with the letter X, came to me requesting a logo. They were in a hurry. New to the freelance world, and eager to please, I didn’t make a contract for them. Once the logo was completed, they reneged on the logo price that had been agreed. Were very insulting regarding my work, and told me how much they thought it was worth. Less than a third of the agreed price. As any designer would, I told them they may not use the logo under any circumstances.

So I reworked the logo design for my portfolio with a name similar, but unconnected to the aforementioned company. The company is no longer open.