Five signs you are a workaholic freelance designer

After a couple of weeks of hard work without a day off, you force yourself to take an evening off and at 9.15pm you find yourself writing and illustrating an article on ‘Five signs you are a workaholic freelance designer’, then I guess that’s me then.

1.When to relax from work, you open a copy of Computer Arts magazine ‘to unwind’.


2. When you have design dreams in your sleep.

designer dreaming

3. Unable to not check your phone.





4. When you get some time off and you go ‘finally, I can work on animation!’.




5. When on a date in a nice restaurant you are thinking, ‘This place is nice, if I did their website it would look great on my portfolio’, how can I get the conversation on to web design?.





All work and no play…

Overwork is not good, is not smart. One of the hardest things for me as a freelance designer and illustrator is to switch off. I am passionate about my work, there are things I want to achieve. We are living in a time of great creativity open to everyone. If you have a computer, Adobe software and an internet connection, the world is your oyster. The gatekeepers have been removed, the creative industry is open, open for talent and a strong work ethic.

But switching off, rest, sleep, eating healthy and regular exercise all make you a better person, and a better designer. So don’t over work, and take good care of yourself.

I sound like I am giving a lecture. I am just talking to myself. Or blogging as other people call it.

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