Football illustrations and designs for Brønshøj Boldklub

It has been my immense pleasure and privilege to create some designs and illustrations for the football team Brønshøj Boldklub this season. Brønshøj BK are currently in the fifth tier of Danish football.

Brønshøj is one of the ten regions of Copenhagen, and is where I reside. Established in 1919, Brønshøj BK had their peak in the early 80s when managed by the great Ebbe Skovdahl. Ebbe would go on to great success with Brøndby becoming their most successful manager to date, and would become manager of Aberdeen, the city I am from and team I support. (as well as Brønshøj).

As well as the first team Brønshøj have more than twenty teams from under 13 boys and under 13 girls up to an over 70s senior team. An incredibly important part of Brønshøj’s identity and very important to the Brønshøj region.

Brønshøj Ishøj fodboldbronshoj-allerod bronshoj-union

brønshøj Verner illustration