Frequently Asked Questions

A question and answer guide to help you see if we may be a good fit.

I refer to myself as a graphic designer and web designer, and am those professions in equal amounts. With graphic design I create or rebrand visual identities and all design requirements, I also work with video (motion design) and illustration. These different areas all have much in common, are all visual, involve creativity, colour, concept development and communication. There is a strong overlap on all my areas of expertise, plus I am very experienced, so have the necessary hours of experience to get the very best out of all of them. This can give me a very good holistic view of a company’s brand and I am also happy to work as a niche specialist in any of my areas of expertise.

I find an hourly rate doesn’t work well for clients, or myself. Clients generally want to know what something will cost in advance, and for that cost to be the same at the end of the project, for very understandable reasons. After agreeing to work together a contract is created detailing all expectations from both sides, including price and delivery dates. I do however work to an daily or weekly rate if a client were to need that service. Generally that is more for working in a design company.

Every website job, like every client I have ever had, is different. However my websites start at around 30,000 kroner, plus VAT (MOMS in Denmark). There are cheaper options out there, however the value I bring is in the quality, engagement and service. I can explain much more about what I bring should you be interested in my services.

Around half my clients at any given time are Copenhagen based, like myself, but the other half are all over the world. I also on occasion travel to different countries to work onsite for clients.

I am open to all industries and niches. I very much enjoy the variety of industries my work has brought me into. I have extensive experience in the maritime industry, banking, NGOs, the publishing industry, and medical field. One of many things I like about my work as a freelance designer is learning about companies, and industries, and people, and hopefully being able to solve some problems, and learn from others.

Yes I do. I also offer training in the use of the CMS with regard to posting new content, and updating content.

I work exclusively with WordPress. I think it is currently over 40% of the internet, and still increasing in that percentage, so it works for me, and many, many others.

Typically the initial contact is via email or telephone, from there typically if Copenhagen then a meeting in person is arranged, but can also be online and effectively is a chemistry test for both sides. Whereby budget, time, availability, the job itself are discussed with a view to working together.

If this goes positively (it usually does) then I would draft a contract on what was agreed, that may go back and forth a few times, to ensure both parties are satisfied. Including  pricing, deadlines, deliverables, Only on signing of that contract are we definitely working together.

This structured process ensures transparency, understanding, and a solid foundation for a successful collaboration.