Google update to punish non responsive websites

If you don’t already have a responsive website, you really ought to be getting one as soon as possible. According to this article by the esteemed SEO expert Yoast of the must have WordPress SEO plugin, Google will begin punishing non responsive websites. Or alternatively rewarding mobile friendly sites. It is explained in better detail in the article, they also point out ‘the impact of this will be big’.

You need a bigger body

The other significant piece of information relates to body font. The size of the text on your main written content (what you are currently reading is body font) should now be a minimum 16 pixels. As I meet out dated sites they almost always have small body font, and pages with about two sentences and one small image. Pages should have lots more content as visitors don’t like clicking. But they will scroll. Bigger images, more text, bigger font size, and responsive, and you are good to go.

Examples of my latest responsive websites below.