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Graphic design is boring

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‘Graphic design is boring’ is an emotive phrase. Having written principly on the subject of graphic design on this blog, this realisation struck me very late. Actually a comment in a graphic designer’s Facebook group really brought it home to me.

To the question someone had posted, ‘What blogs do you read on graphic design?’.  Someone answered ‘None. As graphic design is boring’.

Absolutely horrified that someone, a graphic designer, could say something so bad about a subject I passionately love, it slowly dawned on me, she was absolutely right.

Graphic design is boring.

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Design for life, quietly

I don’t read other graphic designers blogs anymore, I don’t have graphic designer conversations with other designers. Stuff will come up now and again, but largely it would be a work conversation. Talking with a colleague on a shared project or with a client.

Clients are not interested in graphic design outside of their own job needs, for quite understandable reasons. Albeit some of them would like a play at becoming a designer for a bit. A quick look at my Google Analytics on this website, articles on non graphic design subjects are read by far more readers than the graphic design or web design ones.

The unspeakable truth about graphic design. It’s a boring subject to read about, or talk about. But wonderful to create and work in and solve problems.

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Being boring

I have been writing this blog for a few years now. It has been a very enjoyable process, and I have learned a great deal from it. I’ve become far better with the written word (plenty still to work on) but my emails, contracts and content creation have all improved significantly. I quite enjoy sitting down to write now. Emptying my head.

But in future I need to write about other subjects than graphic design or being freelance, or work. Because no-one cares, and nor should they.

Although it could possibly be said that is the case for anyone’s profession.

Boring, boring graphic design

boring graphic design