Invited to be a guest on a podcast – to do or not to do, that is the question

Surprised and very honoured to be asked to be a guest on a podcast, www.beingfreelance.com/the-best-freelance-podcast. A brilliant podcast with a wealth of information for freelancers and those considering becoming freelance.

This is the conversation in my head on being invited.

Sensible me: I couldn’t possibly. No one wants to hear my opinions, I have nothing to say that the world wants to hear, I will politely decline the …

My ego: Let’s not be so hasty.

Sensible me: Come on now, it might be a car crash.

My ego: Someone is asking to talk to you about you and what you do. What’s your favourite subject again?!

Sensible me: We-ell…

Imposter syndrome: Are you two friggin’ kidding me!?

Sensible me and my ego: We told you to get lost!

Imposter syndrome: Maybe this time I’m actually the voice of reason. What’s that duct tape for? *muffled screams*

What could go wrong?






I said yes.

There’s a follow-up article on after the podcast here.

And here’s the podcast.

And you can find more of my cartoon work here at www.iain.dk and on Facebook.com/iain.dk