Norman Foster with advice for young designers, artists and architects

Inspirational advice for young creative people (so all young people then). The importance of being passionate about what you are doing. If you are not, go looking for what you are passionate about. It’s out there.

Fashion tips for older design professionals

Sir Norman is also a great style icon for the older artist, designer, architect through his attire and look. Keep the hair closely cropped if it is receding. Clean shaven also works best. Don’t put on too much weight – ideally keep those angular cheek bones as long as possible. (In the video above he is 79 years old). Picasso is another good style icon for the older design professional.

Keep it simple, less is more

Clothing, black is best. Particularly around the neck, keeps things simple and slimming. Don’t go with a polo neck though as it increases the old turkey neck! Denim is acceptable but only minimally. Go for simplicity and discreet designer labels. Though not too discreet, let’s face it you are minted. Don’t hide that Mercedes S Class too far from the University lecture hall. For a hint of the Bauhaus wear spectacles with round frames like Le Corbusier, whether you need glasses or not.


The personal brand

For more formal occasions, a white suit is recommended. In a room full of black suits, who’s going to stand out as the talent in the room? Deep down we are all Bryan Ferry 1976, in our heads.

As a young student the first time I met Head of Graphic Design at Gray’s School of Art Ian Cargill, he was wearing red framed glasses just like Charles Saatchi was at the time. I stifled a snigger but I think he may have noticed. He would eventually throw me off the course. Ian Cargill was however a lot like Charles Saatchi. Well just without the talent, personality or morals.