Re-launching my side project The Dandy Dons


Some people think football is a matter of life and death…

My side project the Dandy Dons got it’s website re-designed over the last couple of weeks.

Although living in Copenhagen I am from Aberdeen, and support the football team Aberdeen F.C who play in the Scottish Premiership in Scotland. The side project allows me the freedom to experiment and develop my design and illustration skills. The freedom of total control of the design process and the chance to learn about social media communication (the Facebook page has around 4000 likes) as well as an opportunity to bask in the love of my football club and home city.

A Facebook community to connect with

The immediacy of reaction from social media is stimulating, revealing, occasionally humbling. There is also the immediacy of being able to react to events, and a removal of the preciousness or over thinking or over working that can come about if developing or experimenting with work with a view to a portfolio piece.

The sense of total control of the website design for The Dandy Dons is important for me as with my other side projects and the forthcoming A weakness I have when dealing with clients is sometimes caring a little too much about the design of my client’s sites, and not allowing the client enough creative control. I can be a bit of a control freak, and I do not wish this to be the case. So the side projects, amongst other things, is a chance for me to play ‘design dictator’, without upsetting anyone….