Not to be sniffed at – dealing with friends who love to spread illness


Not to be sniffed at…

Perhaps I’m a little over sensitive. Or perhaps I’m correct and some of my friends really should be thrown of my fourth floor balcony. You decide.

I meet up with them, and whether it’s mine, theirs or at a neutral venue, they are full of the cold, or worse. Or on one particular occasion while visiting a friend with small children, ‘oh have you had chicken pox?’. After I’ve already spent about ten minutes with their bastard offspring…

I wasn’t happy about it when I had regular jobs, but now I’m self employed, whereby if I’m too sick to work equals no income, I’m livid with them.

So I write this article for my friends more than anything. If you are not well in any way, cancel. I do not want to see you. And unless some of you have become doctors or scientists specialising in germ contamination while I wasn’t paying attention, don’t come with any crap about ‘oh you won’t get this’.

Of course, my friends don’t read my blog, I’ll just have to go a bit Samuel L. Jackson on them.


Back to work after a relaxing summer


Back to school work

With August about to turn into September, I find myself happily going up through the gears back into proper work mode. I’ve had a great summer, my first real break in many years. My batteries are recharged, and I’m raring to go from my base in Copenhagen.

One of the best aspects of living in Copenhagen is the work, life balance. The business side of the city clearly winds down a bit during the peak summer months, but then cranks back to life with everyone refreshed, with ideas and eager to explore possibilities.

We are three!

My design business will shortly be three years old. I am very proud of what I’ve achieved, and grateful to all the clients I have been lucky enough to meet and work with. Here’s to the next three years!

So if you want to see some of my work, here is web design.

This is for graphic design, specialising in logo design.

And my other core area Illustration.

Skål, Slangevar, Cheers!


Fake it until you make it as a designer

Fake it until you make it is a great piece of advice for designers. Or a slightly more accurate piece of advice that doesn’t scan quite as well, is Fake it until you become it. Act like you believe in yourself, act like you are a serious professional, act like this meeting or whatever is an every day occurrence, and eventually it will be. It also gives you something to concentrate on (the acting) rather than dealing with nerves or stress.



And once you have made it, sit back and watch everyone else faking it…

Here is a fascinating Ted Talk on the same subject.