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Advice for new students at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen

If you are about to attend Gray's School of Art for the first…

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

A short review and a longer review of Denmark's Louisiana Art Gallery.

Danish Design: The Beauty of Minimalism and Functionality

Danish Design: The Beauty of Minimalism and Functionality

The joy of Brønshøj’s Utterslev Mose in the Spring

I am incredibly lucky to live in such close proximity to…

The Design Museum Copenhagen

Copenhagen's Design Museum offers a rich and varied guide around…

The time I cycled into a Danish policeman and knocked him over

On moving to Denmark, one of the first things I had to do on my arrival in Copenhagen was to purchase a bicycle. My then girlfriend found one in a newspaper. A price was agreed and borrowing my girlfriend’s bike, I just had to go and get it.

The time I got on a plane and I didn’t know where it was going

It had begun with a series of delays on my journey from my flat to Copenhagen Airport. Followed by a series of delays in the airport from queuing for, well it's Copenhagen Airport, so everything then.

Nørrebro architecture

The Copenhagen district of Nørrebro has an enormous variety…


Hellerup is a lovely place to visit from Copenhagen. A cycle…

Emil Nolde at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

This photo is copyright of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The…

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