Brønshøj BK football illustrations

bronshoj-bk-floodlightMy local football club are Brønshøj BK. They have been in the top Danish league, and are more often than not in the second tier. Currently in the third tier of Danish football, but will hopefully get through their play off group.

Their stadium is Tingbjerg Stadium (Idrætspark), about 10 minutes from my flat, so if Aberdeen don’t have a game at the same time I try and head over there. It is a 3000 capacity stadium with 600 seats, and has a wonderful charm. The combination of passionate local supporters and nice compact stadium with recently added floodlights, and beer and hotdogs and snaps , make for a great experience.

Brønshøj BK play in yellow and black, and are known as The Wasps (Hvepsene).

Bus 2a from Copenhagen Central Station (Hovedbanegården) going towards Nørrebro, will get you there.

I have been working on the illustrations as I also experiment with my Aberdeen FC work, and will be adding more shortly.





Re-launching my side project The Dandy Dons


Some people think football is a matter of life and death…

My side project the Dandy Dons got it’s website re-designed over the last couple of weeks.

Although living in Copenhagen I am from Aberdeen, and support the football team Aberdeen F.C who play in the Scottish Premiership in Scotland. The side project allows me the freedom to experiment and develop my design and illustration skills. The freedom of total control of the design process and the chance to learn about social media communication (the Facebook page has around 4000 likes) as well as an opportunity to bask in the love of my football club and home city.

A Facebook community to connect with

The immediacy of reaction from social media is stimulating, revealing, occasionally humbling. There is also the immediacy of being able to react to events, and a removal of the preciousness or over thinking or over working that can come about if developing or experimenting with work with a view to a portfolio piece.

The sense of total control of the website design for The Dandy Dons is important for me as with my other side projects and the forthcoming A weakness I have when dealing with clients is sometimes caring a little too much about the design of my client’s sites, and not allowing the client enough creative control. I can be a bit of a control freak, and I do not wish this to be the case. So the side projects, amongst other things, is a chance for me to play ‘design dictator’, without upsetting anyone….



McInnes and Sir Alex, with thanks to Michelangelo – free download

The Renaissance of Aberdeen F.C.


To be fair to McInnes it is pretty cold at the moment

Aberdeen F.Cs manager Derek McInnes is fingered by Sir Alex Ferguson. This bit of Photoshopping was done for at the beginning of season 2013 – 2014- Sir Alex Ferguson had just retired from Manchester United, and things were starting to go well with Derek McInnes at Aberdeen F.C. Eighteen months later and Aberdeen F.C are top of the league.

Some have said this image is a little bit homoerotic. I don’t see it myself…

Click the link below to download an A4 print ready PDF.
Download an A4 pdf here


Derek McInnes, Yes he can! Free download

Aberdeen F.C. manager Derek McInnes given the Obama treatment. Below the image is a free download for an A3 print ready PDF (297 mm x 420 mm). A chance to waste a lot of ink on your work photocopier, or take it to a printers. Not to be used or re-used for any financial gain. No you can’t. Unless your name is Derek McInnes or you are Aberdeen Football Club.

Vistaprint poster template

There is also a version for a 42.6 cm by 60.1 cm poster, that has been added on a Vistaprint template, so you could get it printed online. I have no affiliation with Vistaprint, and gain nothing from you using this. If you go to this link here you can see where to upload It should take you to their poster page. You then choose ‘Medium’ as the size, and then ‘Upload’. And it should work, costs about 10 quid. Enjoy.

Future updates on free artwork will appear here.

Derek McInness yes he can




Illustrations for Danish sports newspaper Tips Bladet

Luis Figo caricatureZidane caricature

I had the privilege of working for the Danish sports and betting newspaper Tips Bladet a few years back. Most of my work was topical football cartoons of the time, which will no longer make any sense. Above are caricatures of Luis Figo while at Real Madrid, and Zinedine Zidane while at Juventus.

Tips Bladet were the main sports newspaper of Denmark and were a print newspaper. They are now only online.

Football has always been a big part of my illustration work.


Illustrations for F.C Copenhagen

Zuma F.C. Copenhagen

Sibusiso Zuma, the South African international footballer while playing for F.C. Copenhagen

I had the great privilege of working for F.C Copenhagen as an illustrator a few years back. The Copenhagen based Danish Superliga football team known as F.C. København, or just F.C.K in Danish, play at and own Parken the Danish National stadium.

I had a few caricatures in their match programme, and an assortment of other merchandising work. It was a ridiculously childish thrill to go into Parken for meetings. The prospect of  bumping into a footballer in the lift, or even the then manager, Roy Hodgson. Sadly Roy appears to have drifted out of football altogether now, and manages England.

You can take the man out of Scotland…

Press and Journal

Working as a cartoonist for the Press and Journal newspaper

Willie Miller Aberdeen F.C.

Cartoon for The Press and Journal. A wee hint of Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes) in the brush work.

In the early nineties I worked for Aberdeen Journals’ Press and Journal newspaper as a layouter at their Lang Stracht headquarters in Aberdeen.

I was contributing cartoons to the Aberdeen f.c. fanzine The Northern Light at the same time. I eventually plucked up the courage to submit a couple of cartoons to The Press and Journal. It was a paper that sold 110,000 copies per day, six days a week back then. Covering the area from the Shetlands down to Dundee, and over to the Western Isles. The highest selling newspaper in the area, with an estimated readership of 220,000. The subs, the chief sub, the Assistant Editors, were nice but intimidating people – you wouldn’t want to mess with them.

Four hours after nervously offering two cartoons to the Chief Sub, I was holding a still warm from the presses copy of the P&J in my hand with one of my cartoons on the front page, and another on the all important back page (the football page).

The cartoons were topical and needed to fit in with that day’s news. A sharp learning curve in, coming up with material under pressure, drawing quickly, and accepting the random nature of what others considered funny (editors and sub-editors).

The Press and Journal doesn’t sell as many copies now as when my cartoons appeared. This may or may not be a coincidence.

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