Not to be sniffed at – dealing with friends who love to spread illness


Not to be sniffed at…

Perhaps I’m a little over sensitive. Or perhaps I’m correct and some of my friends really should be thrown of my fourth floor balcony. You decide.

I meet up with them, and whether it’s mine, theirs or at a neutral venue, they are full of the cold, or worse. Or on one particular occasion while visiting a friend with small children, ‘oh have you had chicken pox?’. After I’ve already spent about ten minutes with their bastard offspring…

I wasn’t happy about it when I had regular jobs, but now I’m self employed, whereby if I’m too sick to work equals no income, I’m livid with them.

So I write this article for my friends more than anything. If you are not well in any way, cancel. I do not want to see you. And unless some of you have become doctors or scientists specialising in germ contamination while I wasn’t paying attention, don’t come with any crap about ‘oh you won’t get this’.

Of course, my friends don’t read my blog, I’ll just have to go a bit Samuel L. Jackson on them.