Ten years of web design experience


I still consider myself new to web design. In the sense of how fresh and excited I still feel about the whole process. However in July of this year 2015, it will be my tenth anniversary of starting to make my first website.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

I was asked by my sister if I would make her a website, and logo, as she was starting a Bed and Breakfast (small hotel) in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland.

Struggling as a freelance illustrator, working in other jobs to pay the bills, I had thought about trying web design for some time, but hadn’t known how to start. So with my sister’s deadline fast approaching on ‘can you do this or not?!’, I knew if I didn’t get it to work, I would never become a web designer.

Try try again

I had learned I needed to connect to something called FTP, and I had some codes, and it was very stressful and difficult and I couldn’t do it, it wouldn’t work, and I wanted to stop, and I hated it, I CAN’T DO THIS…

And then the words ‘this is a test’ appeared on a page on the internet that I had put there. I was connected. I knew instinctively that was very significant. I could do it, and while there would be problems to solve ahead, this would be the beginning of something big for me. And I was right.

I then began making a site in HTML and CSS. And then I remade it, and I think there were three definite versions of that first site. I discovered I could do it, enjoyed it, and enjoyed going back and fiddling with it, learning more, adding and removing, fine tuning until it was just about right. And the whole process interested me. SEO, functionality, the graphics, the look, the feel. I just kept going back, and re-working and re-working. While working on the hotel website I also began work on my own portfolio site. You are reading this on that site.

Onwards and upwards

For the next few years together with graphic design (which I had experience from as a student many years previously) I worked and worked until I got better and better. I even dropped illustration for a couple of years to concentrate on them. I then heard of something called a CMS. I began with Joomla, and then started a cartoon blog for myself in WordPress. I preferred WordPress, although just a blogging platform at the time, it just felt good.

This lead to me working in web bureaus in Copenhagen, most notably and enjoyably Brand X where I got to work under and learn from the exceptionally talented duo of Jason Lambert and Adam Hill, before making the jump into freelance.

www.bannermanbandb.co.uk/ My sister’s Bed and Breakfast in Inverness.

www.iain.dk The cartoon blog, only recently restarted.

www.voiceso.com Adam Hill’s voice over site.

A quick follow up on this article. A couple of hours after publishing this article, a client sent me their Ftp codes for their new website I was to design. Couldn’t connect. Tried and tried and tried. Those pesky internet gods…

And I mentioned the article to my sister. Turned out her Bed and Breakfast will be nine years old in the summer of 2015. So nine years then. At the time of writing eight and a half.