The fast developing Copenhagen Harbour district of Nordhavn

I was working on a web design project for a client in the Nordhavn region of Copenhagen. Nordhavn is the harbour area of Copenhagen and is undergoing an enormous amount of development, with new housing and businesses. It also contains the UN City building. The project required me to take some photos, so I got myself down to Nordhavn as soon as there was a bit of sunshine…
Here’s my Nordhavn photo gallery. Click an image to enter gallery mode. Nordhavn is well worth a visit if you are visiting Copenhagen.

building-nordhavn copenhagen-harbour copenhagen-nordhavn nordhavn-building-1030x687 nordhavn-buildings nordhavn-ferry nordhavn-station-view nordhavn-towers-copenhagen nordhavn-waterfront un-city-copenhagen un-city-nordhavn-copenhagen

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