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Where did it all go wrong Noel Gallagher?

Noel Gallagher's hair

I like Noel, and I like Liam. I was firmly in the Oasis camp back at the height of Brit pop. I was never going to go along with that art student Blur types. Which is odd when I think about it, as a professional illustrator.

I will still listen to Definitely Maybe, but pretty much nothing else by Oasis. The Blur back catalogue, and Gorillaz, I hear considerably more. Ooh, that would have started some discussions back in 1996! In 2018, not so much.

Dear old Noel Gallagher (we’re the same age!) where did it all go wrong? Or how did it all go right back in the day? Whereby the stars aligned and a mix between the rawness of The Sex Pistols, with a bit of a Beatles sound, together with Liam being Liam, combined to make Oasis sensational for a little over an album…

Still, Noel’s interviews are always entertaining. There’s a brilliantly savage article on Noel from Luke Haines on The Talk house here.

I wrote about the time I bumped into Noel at the height of Brit pop.

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