Why Milton Glaser’s iconic I ❤ NY design is so good



By Milton Glaser – Extracted from http://www.iloveny.com/gtc/GTC_Sponsorship_and_Contract.pdf, Public Domain, Link.


A look at why Milton Glaser’s iconic I ❤ NY design is so good and still resonates.

At its core, Milton Glaser’s design is an exceptionally good idea, delivered with the utmost simplicity, which in turn is timeless.

The font is designed to balance the heart icon and vice versa. One element is angular and monochromatic, filling 75% of the design, balanced in the other quarter with round edges and high impact use of colour.

The font is used that way not to be fashionable at the time of the design’s launch, but to reflect the original concept, to replicate the wood carved graffiti of someone declaring their love for someone anonymously, hence the initials for the city. The choice of font was never in fashion, so never goes out of fashion. It has never dated.

Simple, powerful, clever, fun, original, much copied but never bettered. Perfect for New York in the 1970s and beyond.

I am not going to criticise the 2022 update. It is too easy to be negative and unfair on the individuals involved when the brief isn’t public, and ultimately it lead me to love the original even more. Here’s to Milton Glaser! miltonglaser.com