WordPress or Wix a web designer’s opinion


For anyone considering a new website, WordPress or Wix may well be a question you are facing. I have worked on a couple of Wix sites for clients recently. I am a WordPress web designer of over a decade, my bias is obvious, but I am being truthful with my opinions. I recommend you search for other opinions before making your decision.

WordPress or Wix a web designer’s opinion?

If you are completely new to creating a website, my first bit of advice would be to accept that whether you use WordPress or Wix or another solution, a considerable chunk of time will be needed to put it together with a steep learning curve, irrespective of what Wix’s marketing says. You may greatly enjoy that process, you may find it deeply frustrating, or a bit of both.

What is best for your website, Wix or WordPress? The simple answer is I honestly can’t see a single advantage with Wix at any level.

In fact I would say the changes WordPress has made in the back end for creating new content, with the Gutenberg Editor than was launched in late 2018, makes WordPress considerably easier and more user friendly. It is probably thanks to Wix and other web builders for that development, pressurising WordPress to up it’s game.

What is the technical difference between WordPress and Wix?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), as are Drupla and Joomla, while Wix is a website builder, as are Squarespace, Weebly and Shopify. And what is that difference for a non web design person? Not an awful lot. With a website builder you also get hosting, simplifying the start of the build, on the other hand you are also tied to them, and you can’t scale up.

How difficult is it to start a WordPress website from scratch?

There are a number of component parts that sound complicated but really aren’t. You need to purchase web hosting from a web host (a place on the internet your website ‘lives’), you need a domain name (www.yourcompanyname.com) and you need it set up for WordPress.

There are lots of web hosts out there. Names you have probably heard like GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Siteground. I use one.com. I began using them in 2008, have never had any problems, I believe their price is reasonable and their 24 hour chat service is a great back up. There is a security in being with a large hosting company. This IS an affiliate link for one.com. If you use it, we both get 100 DKK back on the deal.

I will now talk you through getting started in WordPress on one.com as of 2020 

Start with the name you want. There is a search engine that offers you the chance to see if your desired name is available.


Purchase the one you want, then you will be prompted for hosting. (the place your website ‘lives’ on the internet). The cheapest option will be fine, and purchase. You are two steps into the three step start.

Number three is to log into your new account via the Control Panel on one.com’s website, and find the large button ‘One click WordPress’.


And you’re off! You have your own WordPress website on your own domain. The beginning of a professional website with all WordPress offers. Everything from creating pages to controlling menus to changing themes and adding plugins is available on YouTube.

Is WordPress worth learning in 2020?

Absolutely. It’s 35% of the internet, up 15% since 2015. It’s still developing. It’s still being updated. Tutorials are all over YouTube. Do it.

Why is Wix so ubiquitous?

Wix is so ubiquitous because of their marketing. Their marketing is very, very good, and they are keying into the often confusing start up process for a web design for people with no web design knowledge. Why is there no WordPress advertising? WordPress is open source. It’s free to use and maintained through altruism, albeit the altruism of companies that do very well out of selling WordPress related products.

Good luck, go for it, Google and YouTube are your friend.

Iain Cameron is a Copenhagen based web designer.